Welcome to our new St. Thomas’ Sporting Achievements Blog. In this space we’ll be telling you what our fabulously fit kids are doing to stay active and healthy at the weekend. It’s amazing how many different sports and activities we’re involved in. READ ON and maybe you might like the sound of what a pupil in our school is doing.  You can do it too!!

LET’S GET ACTIVE…………………………………………………………

17th June 2013

We’re coming towards the summer holidays and a lot of the leagues are coming to an end. Here’s what our pupils were up to this week…

Room 2 (Ms. Hayes)

– Jack was in a GAA blitz at Johnny Fox’s. His team won.

– Michael played a soccer match for Jobstown Versus Sacred Heart. They were beaten 4-0 but it was a great game!


Room 4 (Mr. Healy)

– Bridie Wall was at the sports club where she was skipping, basketball, running and hopscotch.


Room 24 (Ms. Mernagh)

– Stanley was hurling in a friendly match for St. Mark’s versus Springfield.

– Adnan played soccer for St. Mark’s versus Crumlin. They drew 2-2.

– Samantha had a boxing match for Westside.


Room 12 (Ms. Connell)

– Daniel, Opey and Warren  got a trophy for team players.

– Andrew got a trophy for top goal scorer.


Room 7 (Ms. S. Beirne)

– Helen was boxing for Golden Cobra.

– Ciara was boxing for Westside versus Robin’s

– Karl will be kickboxing in a fight on June 30th. He will take part in the world championships in August in The Red Cow.


Room 8 (Ms. Seagrave)

– Chloe was playing a GAA match.


Room 10 (Mr. Campbell)

–  Josh played in a match between Parkvale and Rathcoole. The score was 2-5.

– Michael took part in an international Taekwondo cup called the Memorial Cup. He won two gold medals.

– Luke was kickboxing for Blessington V Red Rhinos. He won by two points.


Room 14 (Ms. Barry)

– Josh played in a local game of soccer. They won 3-0.

3rd June 2013

Lots more sporting achievements this week:

Rm3 (Ms. Doyle)

– Dillon McCarthy is going to Rovers stadium on June 8th for presentation of prizes.

– Seán Lawlor won the league with Brookfield.

– Cameron Brunell Griffith’s team, Newtown beat Rathcoole 3-1.

– Ozy Onovo and Jessica Monaghan have a dancing competition in two weeks.


Rm5 (Mr. Murphy)

– Stanley Raymond played for St. Mark’s in the hurling finals. They lost 5 pts -3 pts v Ballyboden.

– Luke Halpin was kickboxing training.


Rm7 (Ms S. Beirne)

– Karl Mahoney was in a snooker tournament and was beaten 5-1.


Rm8 (Ms. Seagrave)

– Lauren Kavanagh and Chloe Whelan enjoyed a friendly GAA match. They won!


Rm9 (Mr. Knight)

– Giovani Mokelo had trials with Fettercairn.

– Paddy McDonagh played GAA for Newbridge who beat Portarlington 5-2.

– Eoghan Molloy played in a charity match. He received a Europa ball with the signatures of the Shamrock Rovers players. He also got a trophy as top goal scorer with Newbridge.

– Scott Bellew was training in boxing.

– Leanne Farrell and Shannon Doyle were training for a dancing competition which will be on in Palmerstown on June 23rd.


Rm10 (Mr. Campbell)

– Luke Cunningham was at kickboxing where the Red Rhinos played Baltinglass.

– Jordan McMahon Buggy played a GAA match for St. Mark’s

– Joshua Berney ran a mini marathon (6 miles!!) with his Mam.

– John Moorehouse was boxing for Westside Versus Rathcoole. He won his fight.


Rm 11 (Ms. A. Beirne)

– Jake Timmons played a GAA match for St. Mary’s versus Ballyboden. They won 5-4.


Rm12 (Ms. Connell)

– Maggie Connors played hurling for St. Mark’s who beat Fettercairn.

– Lauren Cooper got a medal for running the mini marathon with her Dad.

– Jamie Henderson played in a mini tournament and trials in Crumlin.


Rm19 (Ms. Gallagher)

– Liam Ellis plays for Liffey Gaels who beat Tramore 6-5 to 3-6.


Rm23 (Ms. Kiernan)

– Tomás Lakes took part in a soccer tournament in Butler Magee Park. His team got 2nd. He was awarded a medal as Top Goal Scorer.


Rm24 (Ms. Mernagh)

– Adnaan played football for St. Mark’s Celtic versus Lourdes. They won 2-0.

– Stanley played hurling for St. Mark’s  versus Ballyboden. They won 3-2.

27th May 2013

Here’s what our school’s sporting heroes were up to this weekend:

Room 4 (Mr. Healy)

– Olajowan played a match against Knockmitten. His team, Brookfield won 6-1.

– Callum Fitzgerald is a defender for Jobstown Celtic who Beat Donaghmeade 5-1.

– Michael McCarthy scored a hat trick from centre midfield for Brookfield  versus Knockmitten.

– James Leech is a yellow tag in Taekwondo and fought a blue tag in Santry. It was a good fight.

– Ogochukwu is in hip hop and classical dancing.


Room 6 (Ms. Haughion)

– Sophie Singleton played in a GAA blitz. They won 3 matches. Sophie scored!

– Oyin was 1st in the 60 metres sprint and the long jump, and 5th in the 4X100mtres relay in athletics.

– Ryan Keenan got his medal for the schoolboy league.


Room 3A (Ms. Farrell)

– Maleek played in the football final for Rathcoole vs Crumlin. He received the top goalscorer award.

– Darragh Ennis played for Rathcoole vs Brookfield. He plays in midfield. They won 3-1.

– Brandon Norton  played for Mark’s Celtic vs Knocklyon and won 5-1. He’s a defender.

– Darragh Nagle played in the football final for Sacred against Knocklyon. His team won 7-3.


Room 20 (Ms. Kelly)

– Abbey Ward was in an Irish Dancing Féis and got 3rd in two dances, 5th in 3 and 6th in the hornpipe.

– Jordan Maguire plays for Jobstown Celtic who beat Lourdes Celtic 3-1.

– Anthony Finnegan’s team, Mark’s Celtic were narrowly beaten in the cup by Greenhills.

– Yahye played in goal for Mark’s Celtic vs Greenhills.


Room 22 (Ms. Scanlon)

– Tori Shields won a HUGE trophy for her Irish dancing in a feis. She got 2nd in the reel, 4 gold medals and 2 silver medals for different dances.


Room 23 (Ms. Kiernan)

– Tomás Lakes played for Fettercairn vs Rovers. He got a hat trick and they won 5-1.

– Craig Brown is a defender for Rathcoole vs Granada. His team won 2-1.


Room 24 (Ms. Mernagh)

– Adnan’s team, St. Mark’s Celtic won 2-0 vs Cabinteely. He played on the right wing.

– Stanley received a trophy for the football and hurling finals. They lost the final.

– Mojirade was in a dancing competition in St. Maelruain’s and won trophies for modern dance.


Room 12 (Ms. Connell)

– Warrren Leddy is a defender for St. Mark’s Celtic who were beaten 2-4 by Mt. Merrion.

– Daniel Akingbade and Ope Owalabi played in midfield in the same match.

– Jamie Henderson is a defender for Cherry Orchard who beat Shelbourne 2-0.

– Steven plays in midfield for Rathcoole Boys who beat Shankhill 2-1.

– Lauren Cooper came 4th in the All Ireland Hip Hip competition.

– Jack Deane’s team Jobstown Celtic were beaten 2-0 on penalties by Sacred Heart.

– Reece Mulvey plays for Fettercairn who won their cup match 5-1 on penalties against Mt. Merrion.


Room 10 (Mr. Campbell)

– Michael Sweeney was very busy playing football for Knocklyon against Home Farm and winning 5-1. He also took part in a Taekwondo demonstration in the RDS.

– Jordan McMahon Buggy did a charity walk with Citywise.

– Thomas Joyce was boxing John Murphy in a sparring match. He also took part in the “Hellfire Club Manhunt”!

– Luke Cunningham had a sparring match against James McGuirk.

– Josh Berney was man of the match in a football league match for his team, Rathcoole.

– Caitlin McCarthy was practising gymnastics for a big summer competition coming up.


Room8 (Ms. Seagrave)

– Chloe Whelan played foe St. Mark’s GAA who were beaten by 3 points by O Dwyer’s.


Room 11 (Ms. A. Beirne)

– Aaron Metcalfe played rugby for Leinster vs Rathcoole. His team won 21-15.

20th May 2013

Room  2  (Ms. Hayes):

– Ryan O Reilly played football for Brookfield versus Railway Union. They won 7-3.

– Conor McKillion played GAA and hurling for his team, St. Marks.

– Dylan Nolan’s football team, Brookfield, were narrowly beaten 1-0.

– Precious Edeaghe was dancing with the L.D. Academy.

– Dex played for Jobstown  versus Lourdes Celtic in a friendly.

– Jack McMahon Buggy played a friendly for St. Marks GAA versus St. Anne’s.

– Sophie went horse riding as she does every Saturday. Her horse’s name is “Mack”.

– Michael’s Jobstown football team beat Wayside Celtic 6-0. Michael was brilliant!

– Amy Mahon enjoyed dancing with her friend Lisa in the D24 dance group.

– Bernie Ward plays for Shamrock Rovers. They beat Parkvale FC  1-0.


Room 3 (Ms. Doyle):

– Chantelle Bayina and Ozy Onovo practised their Hip Hop.

– Dylan McCarthy was on the Brookfield team that beat Railway Union 7-3.

– Cameron Brunell played football for Newtown versus Granada. His team won 4-2.

– Abigaile Dobbins plays for Jobstown Celtic. They beat Knocklyon 5-3.

– Jessica is in the Dizzy Photo Dance Academy.

– Kelly had training for her dancing club in Hip Hop and modern dance.

– Dillon Heenan was sparring for competitions in the Brookfield Centre in Kick boxing.


Room 4  (Mr. Healy):

– James Leech does Taekwondo. He got a medal for a competition at the weekend.

– Michael McCarthy scored 5 goals as his team, Jobstown Celtic beat Railway Union 7-3.

– Olajuwon was playing in that match too. He plays in midfield.


Room 5 (Mr. Murphy):

– Karl Nolan played for Brookfield when they were narrowly beaten by Ballyowen 1-0.

– Evan Griffiths boxes for Black Panthers. They had training. Luke Halpin was there too.

– Patrick Connors was at boxing training too in Killinarden.

– Brian Alisigwe’s team, Brookfield Celtic, beat Lourdes 2-0.

– Katie Waters was dancing with the Killinarden Dance Academy.

– Ciara Petcher was training for the gymnastics shows in the school.

– Regina Okonga dances with Ms. Daly’s LD dance Academy.

– Jordan Harms took part in a soccer tournament organised by Citywise. It was FUN!

– Vicky Obamwonyi was very busy in Hip Hip competitions coming 7th in her solo and 6th in the group. The group is called “Spectrum”.

– Christopher Eccles does kickboxing and GAA after school.

– Eric Abudiore played in defence for Greenhills. They beat Lourdes Celtic 3-1.


Room 6 (Ms. Haughion):

– Lucia Redmond did great dancing in the LD dance Academy.

– Oyin Adeshina was training for Mr. Knight and Ms Flynn’s cross country athletics club.

– Jacek Andrzejewski had hurling training for his club. So did Joshua Idugboe.

– Sophie Singleton was in Citywise for the soccer. She was also dancing.

– Daragh Ashmore went horse riding.

– Aaron Duke was kick boxing training and hurling.


Room 3a (Ms. Farrell):

– Conor Deegan played a football match for Jobstown Celtic.

– Maleek Adediran had a match for Rathcoole versus Brookfield. His team won 3-2.

– Darragh Ennis had no match for Brookfield, but they had training.


Room 19 (Ms. Gallagher):

– Ope Ojetunde played football for St. Mark’s versus Drumceltic. It was a league match. They won 1-0.

– Liam Ellis played hurling for Liffey Gaels vs Tymon North. They won 5-10 to 2-3.

– Musashi Sweeney did a demonstration in Taekwondo yesterday for a scholarship to Canada.

– Jacintha O Neill did some gymnastics training.

– Samantha Murray got 4th place in her solo in a dancing competition held in City North hotel.

– Stanley Raymond was in the Hurling Final between St. Mark’s and Brookfield.


Room 20 (Ms. Kelly):

– Andrea Uchime is FAST! She won her race in the cross country South Dublin finals.

– Aline is a good cross country runner too.

– Abby Ward was dancing in an Irish dancing feis. She danced a reel.

– Bradley Hart kick boxes with Tallaght Martial Arts.

– Lee Grant plays in midfield for Postal FC.


Room 22 (Ms. Scanlon):

– Jodie Wynne was 1st in the solo Hip Hop under 10 competition.

– Tori Shields danced her heart out at the Irish Dancing feis held in Mullingar over the weekend.


Room 23 (Ms. Kiernan):

– Craig Browne plays for Rathcoole in football. They were beaten 3-2 by Beechwood.

– Tomás Lakes is a striker for Fettercairn. They beat Sacred Heart 13-3!

– Isaac’s GAA matchagainst Whitehall was cancelled so they trained instead.

– Loba, Aaron and Lee all play in midfield for Jobstown. They were beaten 5-1 by Trinity Donaghmede.

– Jadesola Adamu is a striker for St. Mark’s Celtic. He is a striker who scores goals.


Room 24 (Ms. Mernagh):

– Favour Kadiri was training with his team, Brookfield, at the weekend.

– Samantha O Neill boxes with Westside boxing and was sparring at the weekend.

– Jennifer Njoku was training in tennis locally at the weekend.

– Adnan played for St. Marks who beat Sacred Heart 4-0.

– Brandon trained with his team, St. Killian’s in Kingswood.

– Mojirade Omitunde was in the “Girls Brigade” club where they skip and dance.


Room 13 (Ms. Flynn):

– Nathan Berney is goalkeeper for Rathcoole. They had no match this weekend.

– Mike Akingbade plays football with Jobstown Celtic. He’s a striker.

– Kerri Barton ran very well in the cross country finals last week.

– Nikita Finnegan is a key player for our girl’s soccer team.

– Kelly Murray does gymnastics and dancing with Elaine and Ms Daly.

– Lee Duff likes kick boxing. He trains at the weekends.

– Emmanuel ran really well in the South Dublin cross country finals.

– Dylan Byrne also did very well in the cross country race.


Room 14 (Ms. Barry):

– Saoirse McNally took 1st place in solos at dancing in Co. Meath at the weekend.

– Shane McGann plays rugby. He plays for Tallaght who beat De La Salle 32-16

– Tawwab and Timmy play for Mark’s Celtic who beat Sacred Heart 4-0.


Room 15 (Ms. Daly):

– Jennifer Zola is a great runner and dancer.  She got 6th place in her doubles at the competition in Meath.

– Tori Stokes got 4th in her solos and 6th in doubles in the same competition.

– Tori Fitzgerald was there too and got 2nd in solos.

– Eoin O Driscoll was involved in a kickathon at the weekend.


Room 16 (Ms. Surlis):

– Craig Grant loves taekwondo. He got 2nd place in a competition in Santry.

– Christopher Stokes was boxing in England. He won his bout. It was in the 48 Kilos category.


Room 17 (Ms. Coughlan):


Room  7 (Ms. S. Beirne):

– Helen Donoghue boxes with Golden Cobra boxing club. She won a competition.

– Daniel Kelly was involved in a kickathon to raise money for his kick boxing club.

– Karl Mahoney got 2nd place in the Irish Open kick boxing championships.


Room 8 (Ms. Seagrave):

– Jessica Kavanagh got to 2 finals in the solo and 2 finals in doubles in the dancing competition in Co. Meath.

– Sarah Saunders plays football for Brookfield. They beat St. Mark’s 4-3.

– Luke Wall was horse riding and in jumping competitions.

– Rimantas plays for Fettercairn. They had a match against St. Kevin’s and won 3-2.

– Orlagh O Byrne was dancing in Co. Meath and got 3rd place.

– Lauren Kavanagh got into the semi final in the solo in Co. Meath.


Room 9 (Mr. Knight):

– Shannon Doyle was dancing in the Dance Supremes and came 6th in Solos and got a big trophy.

– Scott Bellew was training for boxing.

– Cian Murphy plays football for Jobstown who beat Leixlip 2-0.

– Jake was training for football.

– Jack played in the same match as Cian. They STILL won 2-0!!

– Eoghan Molloy is a SUPER runner. He won his race in the South Dublin Cross Country finals.

– Giovani Mokelo took part in a basketball competition.

– Paul played tennis.

– Deanna Murphy played a camogie match which her team won 6-2.


Room 10 (Mr. Campbell):

– Megan Kelly has joined the yoga club that’s on every Friday morning with Ms. Scanlon.

– Winnie Ward was swimming in the swimming galas.

– Caitlin McCarthy did gymnastics and Hip Hop for the school shows last week.

– Jennifer Dunne took part in a Hip Hop competition in Co. Meath on Friday in team, doubles and solo.

– John Moorehouse was training in horse riding in the Fettercairn Horse Project.

– Thomas Joyce was sparring in Westside Boxing club.

– Jordan’s team, Jobstown FC were beaten 4-2 by Leixlip in a league match.

– Aalijah plays for the girls school football team.

– Chloe McCarthy took part in the Citywise club sports day where there was egg and spoon race, basketball, three legged race and blindfolded football— that sounds difficult!!

– Luke Cunningham is a kickboxer and was training at the weekend.

– Fina was in the Hip Hop competition in the solo dance.

– Gabrielle is on the school cross country team and came 4th in the South Dublin finals

– Michael Sweeney took part in a Taekwondo competition in Canada. It was called the General Choi Memorial Cup!


Room 11 (Ms. A. Beirne):

– Leticia Walsh came 3rd in her cross country 500 Metre race last Wednesday in Tallaght Athletics Club.

– Luke Dingle is a boxer and was sparring at the weekend.

– Ryan Dunne boxes for Golden Cobra. He fought in a competition in Lucan. He won his three round fight.

– Aaron Metcalfe went hill walking and climbing. He also trained with Tallaght Athletics Club.

– Jake Timmons plays GAA and Football. He played for St. Mary’s vs St. Kevin’s at the weekend.

– Katie Muldoon won a trophy for a “volleys” competition in Jobstown FC.

– John Cunningham boxes for Westside Boxing club. He was sparring at the weekend.

– Niamh Byrne is on the girls school football team. They’re all great.

– Micky Brennan boxes for Westside Boxing Club and was sparring at the weekend.