HSCL Coordinator: Julie McKenna
Tel: (083) 0092792
Email: julie@stthomas.ie

What is the Home School Community Liaison Scheme?
The aim of the Home School Community Liaison (H.S.C.L) scheme is to promote partnership
between home, school and the community. The scheme encourages parents to become
involved in their child’s education. It contributes to the improved attendance participation
and retention of children within our school.

How does the H.S.C.L Scheme work?
A Home School Community Liaison coordinator is assigned to a school by the Department of

The Home School Community Liaison coordinator’s role includes:
 Home visitations
 Organisation of in-school activities and courses for parents
 Advising and supporting parents on education-related issues
 Address issues that impinge on a child’s attendance, participation and retention in school
 Facilitate parent’s involvement in their child’s learning in school in areas such as literacy,
numeracy personal development, parenting, leisure courses, etc.
 Liaise with voluntary and statutory agencies in the community

Parents will be able to participate in a wide range of courses, which we run during the
school day. These will cover many subjects including English Language, Art, Computers,
Parenting, Maths for fun, Literacy, Knitting, Music, Cookery, Crafts, Self-Care, Cookery to
mention but a few!

Parents’ Room
The Parents’ Room is open to parents from 9.00am to 10.00am Monday, Wednesday and
Friday. It is available Tuesday and Thursday for interagency meeting and other courses and
activities. It is a place to have a cup of tea/coffee, chat, and above all else RELAX. Please
feel free to call in anytime and make yourself at home! The Parents’ Room is located in the
school yard behind the school.