Marathon Kids

We are taking part in the Marathon Kids programme the year. We have just completed week 3 of 8. 


We have to run four days a week.

In week 1 we ran 600m a day = 2400m

In week 2 we ran 800m a day = 3200m

This week we ran 1km a day = 4000m 

Total distance so far= 9600m 

After week 8 we will have ran a the distance of a marathon ran! … Read More

Maths Week

The winners of the school Mathletics competition for Maths Week were:

1. Abigaile from Ms Connolly’s 6th Class
2. Carlos from Ms Connolly’s 6th Class
3. Emmanuel from Ms Graham’s 3rd Class
4. Daniel from Ms Glasheen’s 5th Class

Congratulations to the winners and well done to everyone for trying their best in the competition!… Read More