Yesterday, a zookeeper from Dublin Zoo visited all the fourth class children. We were all very excited to learn about the different types of animals you can see in Dublin Zoo. We all gathered together quietly to listen to what the zookeeper had to say. (Ms. Beirne’s Class)

Jim (that’s his name) came into our class with lots of interesting stuff. He called them biofacts. In his big blue box there was an  elephant’s foot, a turtle (dead!), a leopard’s skin and an elephant’s tooth! Jim had a lot to say! (Mr. Knight’s class)

We learned that Dublin Zoo is the 4th oldest zoo in the world. It is celebrating its 180th birthday this year. 15 years ago, the zoo was going to be closed because the animals didn’t have big enough habitats. Mary Mc Aleese donated her huge back garden (Phoenix Park) so the zoo could stay open! (Mr. Campbell’s Class)

Jim showed us a slideshow of some of the different animals in Dublin Zoo. We saw gorillas, giraffes, tigers and monkeys. All of the  animals lived in big habitats that they loved to explore. Dublin Zoo challenged their animals by hiding food in blocks of ice! (Ms. Seagrave’s Class)

Jim told us that the leopard is one of the smartest of all the cats. We learned that leopards drag their food up into the trees to keep it safe from other animals. A few people go to touch and feel the leopard skin. He told us lots of interesting facts about other zoo animals also. We had a great time listening to all that Jim had to say and we cannot wait to go visit him and the animals in Dublin zoo. (Ms. Kelly’s Class)