How to make Carbon Dioxide. Mr Healy’s 6th Class

Here’s the report and instructions that our class wrote up and devised after doing this experiment. Can you follow these instructions at home?

Aim: To inflate a balloon using yeast/baking powder, sugar & water

Materials: 250ml plastic bottle, balloon,paper, teaspoon, yeast, warm water, sugar

Method: 1. Firstly, put one teaspoon of yeast on the sheet of paper and funnel it into the water bottle.

2. Next, do the same with the sugar.

3. Then, pour in 2 teaspoons of warm water into the water bottle.

4. Immediately, to prevent the gas escaping, place the balloon on the plastic bottle.

5. After that, shake the bottle for approximately 3 seconds.

6. Finally, leave for 30minutes to give balloon an opportunity to fully inflate.

Results: See gallery below 🙂