Monday 28th November – Friday 2nd December 2011

Adaora: “I learned about different types of butterflies”

Megan: “In Science, we learned about butterflies and that there are 32 different types”

Jake: “In Maths I learned that in Division it is much easier to work out a sum if you put the biggest number inside the L and the smallest number outside the L”

Shannon: “I thought the names of the butterflies were very interesting and I didn’t know that butterflies had 4 wings”

Callum G: “It’s not about who you are or what you do, it’s about the choices that you make. It doesn’t matter which bad choices you make in the past, it’s the choices you make in the future that matter. The people who have died in the past are always with you no matter what, even when you’re about to die”

Zoe: “Colouring things in our Religion workbook and writing things about people who have died in your family is fun and sad at the exact same time”

Cian: “You should never be afraid to show your feelings to your friends”

Ibitola: “Today I drew funny people with Shannon . Their names are ‘Sam Wham’, ‘Sally Wally’, ‘Gabble Wabble’ and ‘Barley Babble'”

Sabrina: “I learned about butterflies”

Scott: “We learned about Déirdre of the Sorrows and we learned how to divide using the L and we learned about butterflies in Science. I made a story in Free Writing called ‘Attack of the Evil Zombie Nerds'”

Eoghan: “When it is a very hot day, warm air rises and cold air comes in to take its place. When it rains, the water goes into the sea, then the sun makes it evaporate and this makes clouds and when the clouds are full the rain falls down again”

Noreen: “Every 6 months you have to change your clock because the time changes. Most animals hibernate over winter”

Callum S: “A butterfly’s tongue is really really long”

Calvin: “The Beaufort Scale has been around for 65 years”

Jack: “In the story ‘Déirdre of the Sorrows’, Déirdre died of a broken heart when Naoise was killed”

Deanna: “This week we did chess with Christy”

Giovani: “I made a long story about when Grandads come back to teenagers and it was avery very good story”

Sarah: “I like doing the 6 pictures in Irish”

Patrick: “In Religion I remembered all the people close to me who have died”