Planting Seed Potatoes

On the 21st of March, Room 10 planted potatoes in our school garden. We are planting the Duke of York variety of potatoes. First, we put the little seed potatoes in egg cartons and left them on the windowsill in our classroom to ‘chit’. Then after a few weeks, we brought the potatoes out to the school garden to plant. There was no room left in the beds, so we are using ‘grow bags’ instead. We are using three grow bags and we are adding different things to each bag and carrying out an experiment to see which bag grows the most potatoes! We are also going to weigh our potatoes when they are fully grown to see how much more they weigh. When we planted them they weighed 3 and half kilograms.

In the first bag, we just put ordinary soil.

In bag number 2, we put ordinary soil, compost and liquid seaweed solution.

In bag number 3, we put compost on its own.

Which bag do you think will grow the most potatoes?