We had a great week of activity and sport from 30th May-3rd June. We were blessed with lovely sunny weather and boy did we make the most of it. Every pupil in our school got the opportunity to try out lots of different sports including American Football, Ultimate frisbee, Hip-Hop, Soccer, Hurling, boxing, chess, tug-o-War, novelty games, tag rugby and athletics. Here’s what some of the pupils from Mr. Knight’s class had to say about it all:

We started active schools week. It started on  Monday 30th and finished on Friday June 3rd. We did hurling, American football, ultimate Frisbee, novelty games, laps of the school and tug of war. We were  supposed to do football skills But we did hip hop. Altogether in laps we did 152 laps and altogether in kms.
we did 110kms. Active schools week was very tiring and fun!!!!! By Jessica and Eoin.

Get fit and active: Me and Daniel liked active schools week.it was fun and my best thing was the laps and the chess.   daniel’s best thing  was laps and  rugby. Me and Daniel had fun and so did the rest of
our class. Our class did well at the laps and the rest of the things. our class
came 2nd in the laps. we were very happy and most kids in the room loved it. room
8 sent us letters to thank Mr. Knight for the Active schools week.
all our class loved it.

Daniel  & Charles


Active schools week!2011

We did active school week and it was fun. Active Schools week started on Monday may the 30th
and finished on Friday, June the 3rd. We did novelty games and American football
and we had a lot of fun and we hope we can do lots more fun things next year.
it was so cool. we would like to do boxing and more hip hop and chess for
active schools week and we would like to say thanks to Mr. Knight and mrs Kiernan.



Active schools week

Active schools week started on Monday 30th of  May and finished on Friday 3rd of
June. On Monday we went up to the astro to learn how to play  American football and played some novelty
games. In the novelty games we used hula hoops, the three legged race, we used
bean-bags and we had a race around the green grass area. On Tuesday we got to
play American football, we did laps around the Senior School. Some people ran
around the Junior School too! We also had laps on Wednesday. We had hip-hop on
Thursday and laps. We had laps and ultimate frisbee on Friday. Altogether  we ran 110kms. Did you like Active Schools
week? We did. The End

Written by
Ryan lee Thorpe and  Kacper Kluza.


We get energy by running and jogging and other sports. Active schools week started on
May 30th and finished on Friday 3rd June. This is what we did:  Tug-o-war, hip-hop, running,
football, novelty games, Frisbee, American football. WOW!!!! That’s a lot of
things. No wonder we’re so fit!!!!!
Sarah +Kristal    The end     bye      see you later