Our School March

Yesterday our school and other schools went to the city centre to protest against cuts in DEIS schools.  We protested outside the Department of Education in Marlborough Street.

We all got the bus in after school.  There were lots of people there.

At school we made lots of banners to hold at the protest.

The buses arrived at school and we got on them to go to the city centre.  We got off the buses at Burger King on O’Connell Street and walked the short distance to the Department of Education on Marlborough Street.

Next we protested by chanting and singing.  We also listened to people speaking from the stage, Aaron’s mam and Darragh’s dad spoke very well and we cheered and clapped very loudly for them.

When the protest finished we got back on the bus and went home.

We were really glad that we took part in the protest.  We kept all the banners and posters, but hopefully we won’t have to go and use them again at another protest march.

Room 18A