Our Electric Lessons

This past month of October, room 20 have been learning about Electricity in Science. We experimented with light bulbs and batteries. We were able to make the light bulb light up. We also made a motor turn a colour wheel.

We learned about Thomas Edison, who invented the light bulb.

We read a poem called ‘Electric Fred’ in English.


Electric Fred has wires in his head

And one-hundred-watt light-bulbs for eyes,

Which means, of course, he can talk in Morse

Or Flash red, white and blue with surprise.


Just for a lark, he can shoot a spark

For three hundred feet out of his nose.

Wear rubber bands, if you shake his hands,

Or the current will tingle your toes.


Sometimes he chews a fifteen amp fuse,

Or recharges himself via the fire.

Just give him jolts of thousands of volts

And you’ll find he’s really live wire!!

John Foster

After reading the poem we had fun drawing our very own ‘Electric Fred’.

Check out our Artwork, to follow later this week!!

Thank you for reading our post,

Room 20, 4th Class