Paddy Madden came to our class (Room10) and shared his wisdom of trees with us. He showed us how to identify different trees by the way they looked and felt. He also gave us samples of seven different trees and said and I quote “We should have a bud race”. So we did. This meant we got clippings of seven different trees and named them. Everyone in the class voted for which bud they thought would open first. The contestants were: Aaron Alder, Brenda Beech, Chantelle Chestnut, Cheryl Cherry, Paddy Poplar, Ronnie Rowan and William Willow. We started the race on 24-2-12 and the first bud to open on Monday the 5th of March was Chantelle Chestnut. The people who chose this bud were Courtney, Glen, Luke and of course Mr. Paddy Madden. We had a great time. By Lee Hyland.