We have written our own novel!

‘The Lost Lands’

The Reading Units are taking part in a project with Balleyfermot College. We were asked to write stories and the students in Ballyfermot will choose their favourite story and animate part of it. The Junior Reading Unit decided to write a class story but we got a bit carried away and ended up writing a novel! Here’s what we did.

First we thought of a story idea. We all love playing computer games so we used this as inspiration. We decided to write our story about two children who got sucked into a computer game!

Next we thought about the characters. We agreed on a brother and sister called Tom and Joanne.

Then we looked at what settings we would have. We chose six settings; a farm, a dungeon, fairy tale land, a haunted house, animal island and sweet city.

After that we made a detailed plan of what would happen in each setting. We added in a few more characters and thought a lot about what the characters saw, felt and said.

Next we wrote the story. We had to make sure we used lots of different vocabulary to keep the reader interested. We also had to use lots of descriptions.

Then we edited the text. We read it through to see if we needed to change anything.

Last of all we printed the final draft and bound it.


It was fun writing the book with my friends. – Brandon

It has made me want to write another story and it taught me how to write stories better. – Darragh N

 We made this book with ideas from the whole class and we spent lots of time working on it. I think this book might be better than Roddy Doyle’s books! – Maleek