Animation Workshop

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On Monday we began work on animating our novel, The Lost Lands. Our teacher for the day was Eimhin and we began by watching a short film he had animated with some secondary school children.

After that, we talked about our book. We discussed how we came up with the plot, characters and settings. We decided what parts we would like to animate and in pairs, we began to make drawings of them. Next we created story boards with Eimhin. A story board is like a cartoon strip of what will be in the film.

Next week we will be making the characters and settings from plasticine and card. We will also be recording some audio to use in our film.

We hope the film we be finished within the next few weeks. We will post it on the school website so keep an eye out!

Watching a short film

Discussing our story

Drawing our characters and settings

Creating story boards with Eibhin