In Room 3, we have been learning all about autumn. First we made a mind map of all the things we associated with autumn; leaves falling from the trees, children playing in piles of leaves, the change in the weather and of course Halloween! When we had come up with the vocabulary, we made it into a class poem. Why don’t you have a read, we hope you enjoy it!
Autumn brings in shorter days,
The children cry, “We want to play!”
It’s getting colder, rain starts to fall,
We wrap up warmer, granny grabs her shawl!
The kids put on their hats and scarves,
They go to the park for a little laugh.
Wearing rain coats and sunglasses,
We think of how fast the summer passes.
Halloween is scary but it is fun,
Black cats bang, children run,
Firework banging in the sky,
The little babies start to cry,
Kids go around trick or treating,
Stuffing their faces they’re always eating,
Black cats bang and everyone ran,
With their sweets, all through the streets,
The night is frightening and it’s dark,
The dogs around howl and bark,
We dress up as witches, ghosts and mummies,
It’s a great night out, it is so funny.
When autumn comes the birds migrate,
The squirrels and hedgehogs hibernate,
Birds leave Ireland searching for heat,
Because in winter there’s nothing to eat,
Squirrels find food before it’s too late,
They search and collect at a very fast rate.
The leaves fall down, the trees are bare,
They were so pretty, it’s not fair,
The leaves are yellow, brown, orange and red,
The children gather them to make a bed,
They jump and dive into the leaves,
Their mums find them hidden up their sleeves,
Children lift leaves into massive piles,
Then run through the parks for miles and miles,
Conkers fall beneath a tree,
People pick them, full of glee.