As part of Bealtaine Festival, we were invited to Tallaght Library.  Look at our pictures of the trip and read about it (Room 18A and 3A).

Today my class and Miss Farrell’s class went to the library.  It only took ten minutes to get there, some people brought their stories with them to read.  We read our stories out and when it was the last persons turn, we all sang a song about a lady pirate.  There were some ladies there too, a few people interviewed them.  They all told us their stories.


Trip to the Library

We went to the library, we went to share our stories and listen to stories.  We got a school bus to the library and we interview some ladies and asked them about their childhood.  We sung “Óró sé do bheatha bhaile”.  We got back on the bus and came back to school, we wrote a story about our trip to the library today.


Today my class and Miss Farrell’s class went to the library to listen to music and interview a few young ladies.  They told us some stories from their childhoods.  Then we all sang “Óró sé do bheatha bhaile “.  It was a very good day.


We read our stories out to people.  We interviewed the audience and they talked a little bit about their childhood.  It was great fun.


We went on a school trip it was so fun.  We went to the library we listened to stories and songs, it was so so cool.  We also interviewed the women.  Ms Farrell came with her class.  The women even listened to our stories.  We saw a doll that was an elf that could turn into a pirate.  We went home on the bus and I wrote this.


We got to listen to the ladies stories of when they were kids.  She told us about a man who lived in Tallaght, he is dead now, he did lots of work on computers.  It was very good.  We interviewed the ladies who were there, it was good.  There were old ladies and young ladies.  We got back on the bus and came back here.