Hens, Tadpoles and Minibeasts!

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On Monday a visitor came into our classroom to teach us about trees and nature.
Her name was Anna. She told us she was mad about trees. She showed us lots of trees like sycamore, holly, alder, apple and many more. She gave some of us branches that she picked. She told us that the trees stand tall like a person stretching its hands. The robin tries to get the apples from the apple tree but all the trees are stretching their branches so it is hard to get. We got A3 paper and drew the branches she gave us. We then coloured them in. Later, she told us about the Otter she brought in. She told us that a farmer shot the Otter because he thought it was a cat. That was the last Otter in her village. Anna said the person who stuffs dead animals is called a taxidermist. It is very expensive and delicate. She showed us tadpoles after and there were more than ten in the jar. At the end she showed us the hens. One was black the other was brown. They made squawking noises in the basket. Some of us got to stroke the hens and others were a little shy. We found out that the black chicken came from Africa. Then something amazing happened. Margret the hen had laid an egg in the basket. We all clapped for her.
By Sekinat Room 22