Hi my name is Megan! I’m  from room 24. We have been making Winter Wonderlands! Each group made different scenes.

We got inspiration from the movie: ‘The Snowman And The Snow dog’. We used different materials, for example we used

clay to make snowmen and furniture. We added lights and tinsel for the finishing touch. When you look in the dioramas

you can see the snowmen doing different things. We think that they turned out pretty well!

Winter wonderlands


The Snowmen’s House

Hi I’m Mark! This is inside a snowman’s house. I like it because it has a lot of colours.

The snowmen are sitting down after their Christmas dinner. The fire is on. They are melting!

They are magic snowmen. They come to life every Christmas.

The Snowmen’s Party

Hi I’m Niamh, our snowman scene shows all of the snowmen having a party. They have their own disco ball.

They are all dancing and having fun. They invited Santa Claus to come to their party. It’s perfect weather for a

snowman’s Christmas party.


This is “Winter Wonderland”. The snowmen are having a snowball fight. There are lots of Christmas Trees.

The Snowmen are getting ready for Christmas. They are trying to be good for Santa.

By. Steven Samblin