As part of the Heritage in Schools project a lady called Anne visited our class to talk to us about nature.  She was talking about different things that grow in Irish hedgerows.  She showed us examples of different types of trees – sycamore, yew, chestnut, willow, birch and beech.  We drew pictures of the different trees.  Anne told us that you can eat some leaves and berries that grow in hedgerows but you need to be careful and check that they are not poisonous!  Anne had a small blue egg that she found in a hedgerow.  We did some research and found out it was a robin’s egg.

Anne also brought two special visitors with her – Marge and Peggy.  They seemed to really like our class!

We learned lots of new facts. It was a great visit.
Dylan and Sean say hello to Peggy!

Marge corrects Jessica’s work!