Our class took part in a project called CRAFTed. A milliner called Laura came into our class once a week for five weeks and helped us to design and make hats. This is how we made them.

First of all we looked at images and experimented with water to get inspiration for our designs.
Then we tie dyed two pieces of fabric.
Next we used wood, lollipop sticks, pipe cleaners and matchsticks to make printing blocks.
After that we used our printing blocks to print patterns onto the fabric.
Finally we sewed our hats together and added ribbons and bows.

We think our hats look fantastic! They are going to be on display in Tallaght Library. Taking part in CRAFTed was a fantastic experience for our class. We learned lots of new skills and really enjoyed it!

By Ozy Onovo and Samantha Adefisayo Room 3