Recycle Man

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On 18th June St Thomas’ S.N.S. held its 4th Annual Garden Party. In the Junior Reading Unit, our favourite part of the day is the scarecrow competition. This year we made Recycle Man. We decided on this idea because we were going to be raising our third Green Schools flag. We made Recycle Man from recyclable materials that we collected from our homes and school.

We used:

  • Milk bottles for his body and head

  • Juice bottles for his arms

  • Drink bottles for his legs

  • Card for his costume

  • Plastic sheets for his cape

  • Recyclable socks for his boots and gloves

After all our hard work that went into making our scarecrow we were delighted to come 2nd in the competition! 

St Thomas’ S.N.S. has been awarded 3 Green Schools flags for:

  1. Recycling in 2009

  2. Energy Efficiency in 2011

  3. Water Conservation in 2013

We are proud to be a green school!

Hi, I’m Recycle Man! I heard what a great job the children of St Thomas’ were doing with recycling so I decided to fly in to see it for myself.

Congratulations on your 3rd Green Schools flag!