As it was our assembly this month, our class decided to write a poem together about Summer. We hope you enjoy it because we enjoyed writing it!

By Rosaleena Ward


Summer 🙂

Summer is here, let’s all cheer,

Schools out, let’s all shout!

Out in the sun, having so much fun,

Watch out for the water gun!

The sun is hot, like a boiling pot,

Time for the beach and an ice cream each!

You can put the umbrellas away, come out to play and shout ‘HOOORAY!’

You can have a picnic on the grass,

Don’t need to go to class,

It’s summer time at last,

Get outside and have a blast!

Go to the swimming pool, to get nice and cool,

Let’s surf, no need for turf!

Football, Volleyball,

No need to stay inside at all!

So get out and play,

Enjoy the long summer days,

Get out and see the leaves that are green,

From all in Room 19!


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