Sophie and Jordan made a volcano using the following recycled material:

– 13 toilet paper cones

– 1 newspaper

– White varnish

– Black metal paint

– Tape

– 1 bottle of cola

– 1 packet of Mentos

– ½ a bottle of glue

– Red, orange, yellow and green paint

– A4 paper

They both had lots of fun making the volcano!

How We Made It:

1st  Jordan taped toilet paper cones onto a Kia Ora bottle. Which we used as a template.

2nd Sophie and Jordan paper mashade all of the news paper onto the toilet paper cones and bottle.

3rd We put another coat of pva glue on top.

4th We painted it with a mixture of white varnish and metal paint.

Last: We made a top and painted a stream of lava going down the sides.

How we made it go BOOM!

1st We put the cola filled bottle into the volcano.

2nd We shook the bottle and dropped in the mints.

3rd We shook it again opened the lid and BOOM! It had an alright explosion. But it was our volcano and we thought it was good. Thanks for reading J!!

The Volcano!

The Creators of the Volcano!

The Eruption!

Volcano Erupting from St. Thomas' S.N.S. on Vimeo.