Emily was alone. She had nobody. It was bad enough that she was an orphan. She felt the tears running down her face. She could hear the wind coming through the smashed window. Her dark, brown hair was blowing in the wind. Her eyes, in pain could not stay open. She closed her eyes and sighed in relief. Soon she was asleep but the dream she had was different. A man was standing there. His hair was brown, he was tanned and his clothes were black. Black as night. He made a ball of red hot fire. Emily woke up because she thought the light of the ball was too bright.

Chapter 1. The Training.
She woke up and saw the man from her dream just standing there she got a fright. He began to speak. ‘My name is Balthazar’ he said. ‘Your mum and dad were sorcerers. I must train you.’ ‘Why’ she questioned. ‘Because’ he said ‘there is evil out there, A.K.A the Gremlor’. ‘Who is Gremlor?’ she asked. ‘Gremlor is the person I am going to train you to fight.’ ‘COOOOOL!!!!!!’ She answered.
They walked out the door and when he snapped his fingers they were at a big white castle. Emily thought she was dreaming. There were trees that blocked the huge black gate into the castle. Then Balthazar said RAZAMAPHOUY. The trees moved to the side so they could get passed.
Balthazar brought Emily into a room where they could train. They practiced the fire ball spell, the ice ball spell and the floating spell.
Chapter 2. Kidnaped by Gremlor.
What a strange noise she thought. At first she thought it was a tiny humming bird. Then it got bigger like a crow. Soon it was HUGE!!!!!! That’s when she realised, that thing was no bird. It was a dragon!!!! Emily did not hesitate. She ran for her life. The green, scally creature behind her was too fast for her. The monster scooped her up with its humongous claws.
Emily struggled to get free and the dragon squeezed her more tightly. She yelled in pain but she was too far up for anyone to hear or see her. Emily was terrified.
Soon she saw a castle. It looked a lot like Balthazar’s except this one was black and a little smaller. The dragon threw her into an open window. There she saw a small creature. He was green all over; he had huge ears and had razor sharp nails.
As soon as Emily saw him she knew this was the Gremlor. She asked ‘What do you want?’. ‘I hear you wanted to fight me in a battle of the world’ he answered in a creepy way. ‘Yes, so?’ she said. Gremlor smiled for a moment.

Chapter 3. The Knowing of Death.
‘I bet Balthazar didn’t tell you the whole storey did he?’
‘What do you mean?’ she asked the strange creature. ‘Well’ he began. ‘You see if you defeat me, you will have to die. ‘Why will I have to die?’ asked Emily. ‘You see, you will have to use all of the power in your body so you won’t be able to do anything. So you will have to die!!!’ he answered. ‘So join me and become my companion and live forever’. Gremlor held out his tiny green hand. ‘Join me’ he said. Just then, Balthazar jumped through the window, grabbed Emily and disappeared. Suddenly, they were at Balthazar’s castle again.

Chapter 4. The Problem.
‘Why didn’t you tell me I was going to have to die!!!!? She yelled. Balthazar paused. ‘I thought you would refuse to do it if I told you!’ he said in a low voice. ‘You could have told me but now I am not doing it! I want to live!’
Emily ran into the dark and scary forest. It made her think. Why should she do it for that liar? Why should she risk her life?
Chapter 5. The Game Is On.
Emily thought some more. ‘It’s the world were talking about. It’s more important than me’.
She ran back to Balthazar’s castle and got ready. Later she was ready. She met Gremlor at Central Park. Gremlor made the first move. He used a fire ball on her but Emily blocked it with an ice shield. Then Emily thought, what if she lost! What will happen? Then she had an idea! She thought of a man and a woman. She thought of her parents. Her hands raised and a spell of love shouted out. Gremlor fell to the ground. The spell was strong but he wasn’t defeated yet. Quickly Emily thought of a house, her home. The spell quickly rushed much faster! Gremlor was fading away. He yelled ‘I’ll be back’!!! In a second he was gone. Balthazar was amazed to see that Gremlor was finally gone. Then he looked at Emily. She was lying on the floor. No breath from her nose. Her skin was as white as snow.
Now Balthazar still romes the street looking for a cure for Emily, praying to find it.
The End!

By Emma Room 22