Last week Room 20 went up to Mount Seskin to see Dave’s Jungle. We weren’t sure what to expect but it turned out to be an amazing and slightly terrifying experience. When we arrived we sat down in the library and you won’t believe what we saw – a lizard called Frank had escaped from his box and was roaming around the library! He gave us a bit of a fright. Luckily he was a friendly lizard and Dave introduced him to us. Dave had lots of interesting animals to show us and we were allowed to hold most of them. Even Ms.Doyle held a snake and an alligator, but she was too scared to hold the tarantula! Most of us let Dave place the tarantula (her name was Charlotte) on our heads! We also saw some scorpions, an iquana and a snappy turtle called Spike! Dave’s Jungle was deadly, and a little bit scary! Here are some photos so you can see all the interesting creatures for yourselves!

by Cameron Brunell Griffiths (Room 20)