The girls soccer team went to play an  away game against Mount Anville. When we got there we did some exercises and drank some water, then the first half of the match started. Mount Anvillel  had first tip. They got a goal in the first 5 minutes – we didn’t let it stop us though. Mount Anville had the play but Shannon made a brilliant tackle, she passed  to Samantha , who the passed to Sarah -the ball came back to Shannon and she took a shot and she scored! We were level.

On to the second half  we took the tip – Helen and Chloe took the tip then a great pass by Helen to Lauren then a pass back to Chloe . Chloe gave a big kick but they blocked it but she did not stop trying and she scored the winning goal that’s how it got to 2-1 for ST.THOMAS’!!! We had our first VICTORY! We shook hands at the end of the game!

We were delighted and Ms. Kiernan said she was very proud of us!

We will keep you updated on the rest of our games!

Temi, Rm 11