We have been learning so much about the Romans this month. We found lots of things interesting.

We illustrated the Gods they believed in. We also wrote a comic based on “Romulus and Remus”, which is a myth about how Rome was founded.
 photo October2014003_zps65caa4b6.jpg

The Romans were also a very powerful army. We designed Roman Shields.
 photo October2014004_zpsaa179875.jpg
 photo October2014005_zps83329e2c.jpg

They decorated their houses in mosaics. We designed mosaics too!
 photo October2014006_zps629e4f9c.jpg
 photo October2014009_zpsaea6aa08.jpg
 photo October2014007_zpse67f3674.jpg
 photo October2014008_zpsce17a86b.jpg