Bí Gnóthach Project

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We were so happy last week to present Paddy and Roisín from Cara Projects with a cheque for €630.00 which we raised for the girl’s orphanage in Kenya through the business we set up through the Bí Gnóthach project.  We learned how to set up and run our own business and really enjoyed doing this over the last few months.  A special word of thanks to the parents who came in to help us, Lil and Tommy who donated wool and rabbits to our project and Anna who helped us so much with our knitting, pom poms, taking orders, managing our sales and running our workshops.

It was lovely to hear all the stories of how Cara Projects are helping the girls in Kenya when Paddy and Roisín came in to talk to us last week.  They gave us beautiful photos of the girls and it was lovely to see where they live and compare it to how we live in Jobstown.

We have learnt a lot about running a business over the last few months and watch out for us in the future.  We’ll be back with more business ideas!!!

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