Book Week has been such a success in our school. There have been so many activities! Here are a few of them!

Table Quiz

Thanks to Mr Fitzgerald we had a brilliant table quiz in the hall!  The music round was everyone’s favourite!


Richie Conroy – Animator (by Megan Mangala (Room 13))

Richie Conroy and his friends have written a movie Two By Two. He came into our class to teach us about script writing and he showed us a video called The Questors which is a episode of a series he has made, it was really good and very funny. He asked us describe a character that we would like to have in a series, my character was a ghost called Sindy! We had to come up with a setting for our story as well as the orientation and the conclusion.  I really enjoyed it!


Patrick Ryan – Storyteller

DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) Time

As part of our Book Week, Ms O’Shea announces the beginning and end of DEAR Time and we all have read for a short period of time, Ms O’Shea even dropped everything and read with 5th Class in the hall!