Room 16 are so proud of Lucia! Her spooky short-story called “The Halloween Dolls” has won a prize as part of South Dublin Libraries’ creative writing competition. She has even been invited to meet Mayor Sarah Holland and collect her prize. What an achievement Lucia! Congratulations! Have a read of Lucia’s winning entry, if you’re brave enough of course!


“Hello, is there anybody here?” Conor shouted into the big, black door of the abandoned church. “I don’t think there is anyone here,” Ciara whispered. They walked in and closed the door quickly behind them. The church smelled of smoke and sewerage. It was dark and cold, there were cobwebs in every corner and the air around them tasted of sour pumpkins. “This place will have to do, they won’t find us here,” Conor said quietly. They were hiding from the Halloween Dolls, a tribe of creepy dolls that come alive every fifty years on Halloween night! They eat humans and keep their bones as trophies. They’ve come to the town that Conor and Ciara live in, have eaten everyone and are now coming after them! Conor and Ciara ran down to the basement and hid under a dark, brown, rickety table. They didn’t make a sound because they knew the dolls would be here any minute to search for them. They waited and waited. “What time is it Conor?” Ciara asked. “11.30, only half an hour left until Halloween is over and the dolls will disappear!” Ten minutes passed, still no sign of them. Conor and Ciara are confident they’ll make it out alive. Suddenly, they heard the door slam loudly. “They’re here!” Ciara cried hopelessly. Tears rolled down their eyes as they waited to be found. There was no point in running from them. Conor checked his watch one last time. “It’s 12.01!!!” Conor cried with joy and they both went home and lived happily for another fifty years!