Flag Presentation (by Elizabeth Tinuoye Room 14)

Last Friday 6th Classes got to meet three men from the army. They came to explain the importance of 1916 and about the Tricolour (the Irish flag). Luke Halpin (Room 14) read out the proclamation with one of the army men.

After that the other army man explained to us about the proper way to fold the flag which is to fold the orange onto the white and then the green onto the other side of the white and then fold it in half. The green part should never touch the orange.

He also talked about how to take care of the flag here are some tips to take proper care of your flag if you have one of your own.

  • Never leave the flag hanging out overnight
  • Never leave it underneath another flag
  • Never let it touch the ground

At the end they asked us questions about 1916 to get a homework pass. We passed the test! We finished the presentation off with the National Anthem.