Halloween Poetry By Room 10

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Halloween is here,
We’ve been waiting all year,
The children shout and cheer,
Because school is clear,
No more dictionaries,
Just more confectionary.

Halloween Happenings
Children dress up every year,
Scary, fun and full of fear.
We dress up as anything,
Boring, cool or with some bling.
We can be a Frankenstein,
He’s too old, he’ll break his spine!
Trick or treating,
We’ll all be eating,
Candy apples, barn brack too,
I chomp them all, chew, chew, chew.
Trick or treat, safety danger,
Sweets and munchies in my chamber.
“Trick or treat,” “I choose treat,”
“Give me all your juicy sweets!”
Fireworks, bonfires, trick or treating too,
Wait until the monsters find you.

It’s Halloween night the spirits live,
They come to life with something to give,
Poison biscuits, potions too,
Guess what they’re going to do to you?!
The day of the dead,
We all go to bed,
The monsters come out,
And have a creep about.
Zombies come to eat your brain,
If they do, you’ll go insane.
Fireworks and black cats too,
Don’t be silly, I have some for you.
There’s black cats everywhere,
Bats flying anywhere.
I think I saw a ghost,
He scares me the most.
Wolves howl,
My dog growls.
Boil and bubble,
Witches are trouble,
She’s on her broom,
And goes zoom, zoom.
They have black cats,
And very big hats.
The bonfires crackle,
As the witches cackle.
The children scream,

Halloween is Boring
Halloween is boring, Christmas is cool,
The costumes are ridiculous,
They make me look like a fool!
When I go to a party,
The children laugh at me,
It makes me really angry,
When they say things that are mean.
Halloween is bad,
It makes me really sad.
When Halloween is over,
I always shout hooray,
No more fireworks,
Now we can go and play!

Halloween Night
There’s a pumpkin at my window,
A ghost at my front door,
The werewolf won’t stop howling,
I’ll still be up at 4!
By Jorja Bellew