We love writing poems in Room 20 and we’ve been at it again! Check out our summer themed poems…

Summer Holidays

Here comes summer,
But there’s just one bummer,
We’re in Ireland now,
And it’s raining somehow.
Let’s go to Spain,
Away from the rain,
Where we can chillax,
I’ll be so relaxed.
We can go to the beach,
We’ll get an ice-cream each,
We can go to the shops,
Where we can get ice-pops.
It’ll be so much fun,
Lying under the sun,
But sadly we’re not in Spain,
That’s why I’ve gone insane!

By Pearl Soyombo, Emma Harcourt,
Aaron Redmond and Larry Adamu


It’s a bummer
When it’s not summer,
Kids shout, “Water fight!”
When the day is very bright,
We’re going camping on holiday,
I’m so excited to go out and play.
It’s a pain,
We’re not in Spain,
In summer I go to the swimming pool,
It’s so fun not being in school.

By Scott Brown, Jodie Griffin Samuels,
Callum Mills, Lee Murphy,
Megan Lockhart and Warren Kiernan

In Summer!

In the summer there will be,
Ice-pops, ice-cream, lemonade, milkshakes,
Water fights, soakers, sunny days,
Oh this is great,
Big giant cupcakes swimming in the sea,
Oh my God, they’re gonna eat me!
Summer is the time of year,
Where children run, scream and cheer,
I fly to Spain on a plane,
I wish I took the bullet train.

By Evan Kenny, Ruben Olasehinde,
Enya McNevin and Karen Sweeney

Summer Sun, Summer Fun!

I’m dreaming of summer,
I’m dreaming of the beach,
And when I’m with my friends,
We have an ice-cream each,
I went to the beach and saw a man,
Who was getting a lovely tan,
I have so much fun with my friends,
I hope this summer never ends.

By Mary-Anne Romymond,
Kelsie Conor, Luke Hyland
and Katie Brennan