We have been very busy in Room 10 over the past few weeks doing loads of fun activities.

Firstly, we did a country study on India and learned all about the country. We looked at food in India, the weather, rivers, mountains and finally cities in India. We then did projects on India which we put up outside room 10. Have a look at the slideshow below for some pictures of our great work.

In Art we are doing clay this month. We made clay monsters, and clay cupcakes and then painted them when they had dried. To look at our finished pieces watch our slideshow below.

Finally, we have been learning loads about the Famine in History and English. We are reading “Under the Hawthorn Tree” as our class novel in English and learning about the life of people in Ireland during the Famine. We also did acrostic poems on the Famine and then tea bag stained these before we put them up as part of our History display. Have a look below at some of these.