This month we have been studying poems by Kenn Nesbitt. The theme was technology. We used his poems as inspiration for our own. Here are some of the poems we came up with.

Friends or iPhone?

I was on my phone all day,
My mum said, “Go out and play.”
I said, “No!” she took my iPhone off me,
And hid it in the laundry.
I tried to get it back,
When I did I went on snapchat.
But she found me on it,
Then banned me from it.
So I went outside to play
And made a friend in one day.
His name is Drake
And he loves steak.
Now every day
I go out to play
This is better than my phone
Because now I’m not alone.

By Ruben Olasehinde

Mean Mother

My mum banned me from all electronics,
Because I was being bad in school,
My Xbox, PS, DS and phone,
All those things that are cool.

I was sleeping in my bed last night,
When I had a wonderful dream,
I was playing Xbox and PlayStation,
Without my mum seeing.

So the next day I woke up,
And snuck into my mums room,
I tried to take them back but she said,
“I’ll hit you with the broom!”

Then my mum finally gave,
All my stuff to me,
I was excited to get them back,
But she knocked off the UPC!

By Aaron Redmond and Warren Kiernan


I waited day and night,
But something wasn’t right,
The internet wasn’t working,
My mum started smirking.

It worked in the morning,
So I ran into mum but she was snoring,
Suddenly she woke up and angrily said,
“It’s only 6, go back to bed!”

Later on my friends told me that there was a new YouTuber,
Who everyone calls a loser,
So I searched it up but all it said,
Was that my internet was gone and dead!


By Enya McNevin and Emma Harcourt