On Thursday we got a permission slip to go to Corkagh Park, we got a bus from our school to Corkagh Park. There were 30 schools we had to race against more than 40 people. There was a game called tug a war we all had a game and we won.  It started with the sixth class boys with green bands Jason Hughes, Jordan harms and Connor McCillion won.

After the sixth class race it was the 5th class girls and they all came 1st so our school won the whole thing. Then it was the 4th class boys and girls race.In the boy’s race Lee Quinlan came 1st place and all the boys and girls out of St Thomas won a medal. There was a boy’s wheelchair race. There were very good tunes. A few people got hurt and they got put in an ambulance. We all got medals and we all got in a photo for the school. The commentators called out the schools that won and St Thomas senior national school won. Then we started dancing. We counted everyone and we walked out of Corkagh Park. We were   looking for our bus it wasn’t there so we walked up to the round-about, it was not there so we walked back down and it was down on the path.  We got on our bus and put our seat-belt on. All the boys were having a laugh some of us fell asleep and we pulled the curtains over. We got off the bus and we all went back in to our classes. Our school was very proud of us; we got a night off homework.