I gave up sweets for Lent,
You don’t know how much I spent,
Waiting for Easter day,
Gave me a big delay.
I was angry and happy,
But at least Easter was here,
But I was surprised that some children,
Just did not care.
By Noah and Ola

Easter is here,
The sun will rise,
We’ll have an egg hunt,
And I’ll win the prize.
We’re dying for some chocolate,
Especially the mars,
But my absolute favourite,
Are the Cadbury’s bars.
By Jorja and Lennox

How will the Easter bunny get in the door
With a basket full of eggs that I will adore,
I always find an egg in the fridge,
They’re much nicer than boring porridge.
By David and Lee

Everyone loves Easter,
After Easter all of your chocolate is gone,
Sunday is Easter day, we all shout hooray,
Tasty chocolate eggs,
Easter is very fun,
Remember the crucifixion and the resurrection.
By Callum and Amber

Easter is here,
All the children cheer,
Seriously can’t wait,
Today is the day,
Everywhere you hear a cheer,
Ready to shout, “It’s Easter day!”
By Joseph and Luke

1916 Easter Rising,
It was very frightening for us,
Guns firing,
Bells chiming,
Meaning the Brits are on the attack.
By Ben

Chocolate bunnies,
Chocolate eggs,
They’re the only things,
In my head.
By Christevie

Easter is here,
We’ve been waiting all year,
Easter bunnies came with big bags of chocolate,
For the boys and girls that enjoy it.
By Caithlin and Marvellous

Easter is here,
We all shout hooray,
Today is the day,
We all go to play,
To find our special treat for the day.
By Caithlin and Marvellous

Easter is here, it’s that time of year,
When all the land is filled with cheer.
Chocolate, jelly beans and much more,
All the sweets are flowing out the door.
Family and friends all give out chocolate,
Each child has enough to fill a rocket.
We stash them in a hiding place,
We really, really need more space!
By Jessica