Missing the chicks!

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We know they have been gone a while now but we have been missing the chicks in Room 20. We hope they are growing big and strong on the farm and we wonder if they miss us as much as we miss them.

  • Here are some pieces of writing that we did the day the chicks hatched.

Eggciting News

When we came into school we seen a baby chick it was learning to walk and it was so exciting and then we were watching it. After we seen some more eggs about to hatch and we might have some more tomorrow and now the chick is in the cage and out of the incubator and now the chick is turning a bit yellow and he is so small and it was sad we didn’t see it all because we went swimming it was a long day and it was fun and they are in the principal’s office and we are keeping them for 7 days.

By Brandon


Eggciting news

A chick came out of the egg .it was eggtastic. The chick was in Ms O’Shea’s room for about a week. Ms Rohan has moved the chick into a cage out beside the office and their names where Sheldon, Peckachick and Tommy. 4 of them didn’t survive sadly but 3 of them survived and there in this thing with water and a warm spot. Sheldon had black feathers and Peckachick was covered in yellow feathers and Tommy was yellow as well as Peckachick but they have to go in two days. Im going to miss them and everybody else will too. Sheldon was the cutest and he was the odd one out. We don’t know if they’re boys or girls. We all named them but only three out of the whole school were picked. Someone out of room 19 and room eight and room 13 named the chicks. Do you think they’re good names? I forgot to tell you this girl came from the farm with the chicks and relied on us to keep them safe and she said she’s coming back and giving us notes and where a load can visit the farm whenever we want. It’s down in Kilkenny and that’s far far away cause I live in Tallaght and I’m not going down there. No way it’s so far like its 4 hours in a car and imagine walking down there your legs would be dead you would be walking for two days. Hello I’m a boy from St Thomas’ Senior National School, teacher Ms Fleming and my principals name is Ms O’Shea and my vice principal is Ms Maloney. My favourite hobby is football and my list favourite subject is rugby and they’re gone now. Everybody is very sad and we loved the chicks but the one I love most is Sheldon. I wish we could keep one of them and the one I would keep is Sheldon and a very thanks to the girl who gave us them and that’s the end of the eggciting news.

By Corey


In the morning when I came in to school 1 of the eggs hatched. Everyone was happy and I was eggcited a chick came out of the egg and it was so cute and small and it is the oldest of all the chicks. They are leaving in 7 days. It is so sad.

By Naomi


Eggciting news

First the eggs hatch the chick has brown or black feathers. He or she hatched at 9am on the 4th October 2016. Soon he or she will have yellow downey. He was sitting on all the eggs like he or she was the mammy hen or chicken. He was learning to walk by jumping on the eggs. The incubator keeps them warm because it is winter so they will be warm in the incubator. They are small and their feathers are going yellow. Now he is moved into the cage. Now they have yellow downy. Now there are 3 chicks but something sad happened. One died last night so know there are 2. THANKS FOR WATCHING EGGCITING NEWS SEE YOU SOON.

By Grace


Eggciting news

When I just came into school all my friends were standing up looking at the board and one of the chicks hatched and it was so cute it was crawling around the incubator everyone was waiting  for  another chick to hatch there are 6 eggs left to hatch tomorrow there might be 2 more chicks.

By Emma


When we came in there was chick in the board. Ms Rohan will take care of the chick. The chick was in the incubator. The chick went in the cage and it’s really eggciting bye.

By Marvin


Eggciting news

Today the 4th October one egg has hatched  around 9am. First there was a crack on the egg. Later she or he learned to walk!! It was very eggciting . Tomorrow he or she might turn yellow!! And fluffy!! The other eggs are in the incubator right now. The incubator keeps them warm we cant wait to see them when they are in their cage they were moved into a cage outside Ms O’Shea’s office. We get to see them when we go to the library!! We hope all the chicks like there new home for a while. Now another chick is starting to hatch!!!!!!

By Grace


Eggciting News

First I came into school then I looked up on the board and I saw a chick on the board inside of an incubator. The chick was gooey. All the eggs are gooey inside. Only one egg hatched. We don’t know if the rest will hatch. Two eggs should hatch by tomorrow morning. Ms Rohan moved the chick into the incubator. The farmer showed us eggs in an egg carton. The farmer is giving us some vouchers to see the chicks. She is coming in two weeks to get the chicks.

By Bernie


  • We also did some explanation writing on how chicks hatch.


How a Chick Hatches

Chicks hatch from eggs.

The eggs go in the incubator for 21 days. The incubator keeps them warm because the eggs can’t do themselves. The chicks used its egg tooth to crack the first hole in the egg. Next the chicks used its egg tooth to break the egg into two pieces. The chicks used its feet to get out of the shell. They dry off and then they turn yellow. There feathers are called downy feathers.

By Lyndsey


How a chicken hatches.

Chicks hatch from eggs.

The eggs go in an incubator for 21 days. The incubator keeps them warm because the eggs cannot do it themselves.

The chick uses its egg tooth to crack a hole in the egg.

Next the chick uses its egg tooth to break the egg into two pieces.

The chick kicks and pushes the egg into two pieces and flops out.

When the chick is dry it is covered in downy feathers.

They become chickens when they are fully grown.

By Jolene


  • Finally here are some pictures of us and the chicks.