We can’t believe another month is come and gone. We did so much work in Room 20 during the month of October. There was loads of new things to learn and understand but we managed to make it to the midterm break! 😀

We started long multiplication in maths, learned about ‘Ar Scoil’ in gaeilge and started reading ‘The Giggler Treatment’ in english.

In science we learned about forces and used newton meters to carry out experiments.

In geography we learned about different types of farms and what they produce. Did you know that chicks snore when they sleep?

In history we did a huge amount of work on the Romans. We did projects, wrote instructions on how to build a roman road, made Roman Army shields, designed our own mosaics and looked at what it was like to live in Ancient Rome.

This is just a small amount of the work that we did this month. Midterm is over and we are back to school now. We are ready to see what November has in store for us!