Since January we have been very busy in Room 2. We had loads of fun this term and took part in so many activities. Below you can see some of the fun things we have got up to!!!

In Geography and History we learnt lots about the Country Mexico and the Aztecs. We even made Sombrero’s !!Have a look…..Also we tasted Tortillas and salsa sauce from Mexico!!

In English this month we did lots of procedural writing. We did writing on how to brush your teeth, how to clean you car, how to give directions and lots more. In the picture below you can see us in the Breakfast club. We enjoyed pancakes with Ms. Moloney and we then wrote a procedure on how top make pancakes for Pancake Tuesday.

In Science we spent time learning about our soil. In the Photo below you can see us examining the soil and identifying objects and materials in the soil.

For St Patrick’s Day we created Leprechauns……

We are already looking forward to next term already!!!

Happy Easter everyone……



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