Springing into action in Room 25

We are very happy in Room 25 to have Ms. Feighery in helping us for a few weeks.

During Art lessons we’ve created scary box monsters, fantastic pictures using pointillism, Easter bunnies and best of all are our Mother’s Day gifts  . Our Mammy’s are in for a real treat on Sunday 🙂

In Science we’ve been learning about the lungs and how important they are. We created anti-smoking posters to show how harmful smoking is for our lungs. We carried out an experiment to find out why an unpeeled orange floats in water but a peeled orange sinks!

In Maths we created fantastic 3D shapes using lollipop sticks and straws.

To commemorate the 1916 rising we’ve been learning the song Grace which is a song about Joseph Plunkett and  Grace Gifford.

We have recently downloaded scratch to our class computers and Paige has been showing us all the amazing things that we can do on this fantastic resource.  Hope you like our pictures 🙂