A Throwback to Before the Easter Holidays :)

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We had a very busy few weeks leading up to the Easter holidays and now that we are well rested we can reflect on all the great work we did and all the fun we had.

A teacher called Ms McCarthy came to our class to teach us for three weeks and did some really interesting lessons with us. We learned all about the life cycle of a butterfly and put together puppet shows (using our own puppets!) to explain how a a butterfly grows. We examined what life is like in Brazil and drew a map of the country as a class. Different groups got to add different parts of information to the map. In maths we were learning about capacity and did a lot of measuring liquids then used our measuring skills to solve some very tricky problems.

Ms McCarthy and Ms Fleming showed us how to make bowls using paper mache and balloons in art. We also created food using clay to put inside them. Some people made dinners like spaghetti, burgers and chip while other designed fruit to put in their bowl.

We also planted some rhubarb in the school garden. We are going to take care of it for the next few weeks and make sure that we remember to water it.

Before the Easter holidays we had Well Being week our school. We took part in lots of different activities. We had a talk on nutrition and learned about how much sugar is in the food we eat, we made friendship bracelets on friendship day, took part in a zumba class and did some meditation everyday (to name a few!).

Finally just before we got our holidays we managed to get enough energy together to make some Easter buns and do a special Easter experiment even though we had had a very busy few weeks (as you can see from our report above!). These treats were a reward for our EXCELLENT behaviour during the weeks leading up to the holidays. Our experiment didn’t work out as well as we had hoped but we have a few theories on how we could have made it better. On the other hand our Easter buns tasted delicious!