We went to into town to the National Museum with Ms Barry’s class to see Bog Bodies. We had been learning about the Celts in history and wanted to know a little more and ask some questions about what life was like in the Iron Age. Here are two recounts about our trip;

Our Bog Bodies Trip by Adam and Bernie and Calum

Our class went to see bog bodies in the museum in town.

First we saw fish traps. The Celts made them so that when the fish swam in they got stuck and couldn’t get back out.

Next we saw a long boat. It was brown because it has been in a bog. The boat had been made from one big tree.

After that we examined four bog bodies. One of them had a bracelet on its arm. Some had red hair.


Bog History by Oisin and Marvin

It was very educational and fun. We saw fish traps, boats and bogs bodies.

We saw a fish traps. The fish traps were 1000s of years old.

We saw a model of one of the head from one of the bog bodies. A scientist used science to see what they would have looked like.

The bogs bodies were 1000s of years old. They looked decayed and crumpled up. They all had red hair due to the bog. The Celts sacrificed people to their Gods so they could have good land maybe this is why they bog bodies were there in the first place.