Hello, my name is Abbie.
I am going to be writing about a dance competition that I entered with Ms. Daly and the rest of LD Dance School.
Ms. Daly is a teacher in our school and she also does Hip Hop dancing in the Jobstown Community Centre with her own dance school called LD Dance School. She also does a free dance class in school on a Thursday after school and on yard.
What we did first was, get the bus at 8: 30am!
The bus ride took about an hour because the hotel was up in Co. Meath.
The first dance we did was our team dance. Sadly we didn’t get placed but we had a lot of fun doing the dance.
After this, I got a bottle of water and a quick something to eat.
Next up, solos. I danced in the under 14 beginner/novice category and I got to the final!
I danced really well and now all I had to do was wait for the results!
So, all the soloists who danced in a final were waiting at the stage probably all as scared as me waiting to see if they qualified or not.
The results are called out and I get third!!!
I was soooo happy!!!
This means I qualify but what about my best friend Tiffany who didn’t get to the final?
Another girl called Shauna who was in the under 12 category got second in her category.
Another boy called Wealth who was also in the under 14 category got fifth.
Last dance, doubles only chance for Tiffany to get qualified to come to all the cool countries that the World’s and Six Nation’s and the European’s are going to be held in.
Results are called and we get 4th! We qualified! So Tiffany is coming to the World’s and the Six Nation’s!!
Some facts about the competition:
1. If you get 5th or 4th you qualify for the Six Nation’s and the World’s.
2. If you get 3rd, 2nd or 1st you qualify for the Six Nation’s, the World’s and the European’s.
3. The name of the people who were running the competition is UDO.

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you enjoyed it!
By Abbie Donoghue RM16 🙂