On Tuesday we went on a fantastic trip to the fighting words workshop in Dublin 1. We created a story titled ‘Cynic the Inic and his dabbing adventure’ Cynic the Inic was a dab monster in the jungle. The jungle was a terrible and scary place. He lived there with all of his friends. Cynic’s best friend was Spooner Man. Spooner Man was half spoon and half spider. You can read our story at http://www.fightingwords.ie/stories. We really enjoyed the bus journey across the city especially when we got to see the Daniel O’ Connell statue as we have been learning about Ireland in the 18th century.  We are creating PowerPoint presentations titled  ‘My County’.  We’ve used an atlas to name counties in Ireland, examined a map of Dublin and discussed interesting features. We also named neighbouring counties, reasons why tourists would visit Dublin and much more. We’ve made some really imaginative box monsters in art, we hope they don’t scare you!