We have had such a busy fortnight in Room 22 after our midterm break! Here is a quick update on what we have been up to these last few weeks.

Halloween was an exciting time – we really enjoyed the Halloween activities and story-telling organised for us by Ms. Rohan and some of the parents. We also read some spooky stories in class and we even shared some of our own too. We created spooky Halloween silhouettes and practiced blending colours to create a really natural sunset.

In literacy, we have been practicing our explanation writing and, after reading lots of examples, we discovered how to become really good explanation writers! After lots of research, we wrote an explanation text on ‘How Planes Fly’. We learnt the four forces of flight: weight, lift, thrust and drag.

In History, we have been exploring how clothes have changed through the ages and the impact of fashion and technology. We did lots of research on clothes from different eras and created a timeline in our groups. We even got the opportunity to become fashion designers in Art, creating our own outfits using a range of fabric and fibres! Science Week was so much fun, we particularly enjoyed our ‘Dancing Raisins’ experiment. We discovered the importance of making a fair test when carrying out investigations.

We have recently started exploring Google Classroom on the school’s new chromebooks and we are looking forward to submitting projects and assignments on our virtual classroom in the future. We look forward to keeping you posted!