October in Room 27

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We had a busy and fun October!

Take a look at our Halloween paintings; we’ve been focusing really hard on mixing paint to make new colours. We mixed red and yellow paint to make our sun set background. We added the black paint when the background was dry. We think they look great!

We were learning all about materials and their properties in science. We even did an experiment to check which material was the most absorbent.
We found out that wax is a waterproof material by creating our Halloween wax resist paintings. Watch what happened to our pictures when we put the paint on them. The paint sticks to the page but doesn’t stick to our crayons. How cool is that?

We learned lots of interesting facts about the Vikings. We learned about the lives they lived, the reasons they came to Ireland and how they got here. We found out lots of these facts be taking part in a fact hunt around our classroom and then by using the laptop to research more interesting things about them.
The Vikings used a different alphabet to use so we tried writing our names using their alphabet. Their letters only used straight lines because they had to write using a chisel and a rock, not like today where we use a pen and paper.
Did you know the Vikings founded Dublin city?

Maths week was during October so we had great fun in maths too. We were looking at the different types of line and angles that exist and we went for scavenger hunt in the school yard to see if we could find any examples of them. See if you can spot any in these pictures.

We were super lucky that we got to take part in a skipping workshop during the month of October where we were taught some skipping tricks, games and skills. We loved it!


Want to listen to our Halloween poem, ‘If You’ve Never’ – By Elsie Fowler? Just click below 🙂