Hi our names are Martina and Eibhlin. We are in Mr Campbell’s class.
We are writing about OUR WRITE A BOOK PROJECT
Our book is called “The Anubis Family Vacation”. The characters are Mam, Dad, their son Mark, their daughter Sarah, Lily their friend and Lulu their dog. The story starts like Once upon a time the Anubis Family was going on a Vacation to Spain… When they got to Spain they checked into their hotel they fell asleep.To make a long story short the next morning they woke up went down to the swimming pool then they went to the restaurant. When they came out of the restaurant Mark, Sarah and Lily asked their mom and dad if could go to the beach. So mom and dad said yes but just make sure they keep Lulu on the lead. Unfortunately Mark let the lead go by accident. The dog ran off the kids were so worried what would mam and dad say? Luckily about 10 mins later they saw Lulu running out of the sea. The kids were so relieved!!! They would never let Lulu out of their sight again!!! THE END!!!!!
Bye for now. We hope you enjoyed our book 🙂
Yours sincerely,
Martina and Eibhlin