This story is about a horse called Topthorn and this little boy whose father went to a market and bought a horse but they already had a horse named Zoe. One day the little boy’s father was drunk and he said to little Joey that if he doesn’t start looking after him within the next five weeks that he will have to sell the horse to a different farmer. Then it came to the five weeks Joeys Father sold Topthorn. The army had to go to a war in a different country and Topthorn was in the war with them. Topthorn was up in the front with captain Nicholls and captain Nicholls got hurt so he had to go down the end with a different starter and then there was this place where wounded people went and they didn’t have enough ambulances so Topthorn and another horse had to pull the cart. One day they saw this old man and a little girl and HER NAME WAS Emily and one day it was Christmas and Topthorn and the other horse stayed in Emily’s stables and Emily was sick. I really enjoyed this book.