This term we are practicing writing explanations. An explanation tells you how or why something happens.

Everyone in our class wrote an explanation about volcanoes. Here is my explanation.

How does a volcano work?

A volcano is a ‘cone shaped’ mountain that spills out lava.

There are three different types of volcanoes. An active volcano is a volcano that can erupt at any time. An extinct volcano is a volcano that won’t erupt and a dormant volcano is a volcano that is sleeping so it could be extinct.

Inside a volcano there is a ‘magma chamber’. That is where all the magma and lava is. When a volcano traps too much gas the crater opens and bursts out lava.

Volcanoes can be gentle or extreme. A gentle volcano only has some runny lava. An extreme volcano has lots of lava and rocks, also called bombs. Volcanoes can also have other dangerous consequences after they erupt. For example a volcano can cause an earthquake after it erupts.

In Italy, a volcano called Mt. Vesuvius destroyed Pompeii. The people living there thought it was extinct but one day it erupted!! You can still visit the ruins of Pompeii today!!

Did you know volcanoes are actually named after the roman god of fire, Vulcan?

By Nicola C   😀 🙂 4th Class