February in Room 22

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February has been such a busy month for us and we have so much good news to share! We have been so busy in maths learning about 3D shapes, we even made our own mini ones using the nets of these shapes – it was lots of fun! We also created our own Pop Art cubes, inspired by the work of the artist Andy Warhol.

We also learned lots about weight, we estimated the weight of various classroom items and then weighed them ourselves. Some of our predictions were quite accurate! We have also really improved our times tables through lots of fun games.








In Science, we carried out some investigations on conductors and insulators on heat.

We’re really enjoying learning new strategies for reading and the one we are focusing on this term is visualising. Here, we did an art activity to practice this strategy where we heard a passage from a spooky story and drew what the character could see.

We are also learning all about The Celts at the moment and we were really interested in Ogham Stones and Ogham writing. This inspired us to create our own Ogham Stones using clay and carving our names into them. Some of us struggled as this system of writing had only 20 letters!

After our snow days, which were also lots of fun, we are really looking forward to some warmer weather and all that March has in store for us!